Getting back to work and a sneak peak of some behind the scenes work

We've been gone too long I know. 

Now we are back at work and can start sharing some of the exciting projects we are working on.

  • During lockdown we invested in a 3d print farm and training to enable us to recreate and restore architectural mouldings. We can't wait to share the first pictures when the pilot job is installed. Our printers are also churning out parts for classic vehicles that are out of manufacture and hard to find. Some examples include interior trim for older land rovers, airbox adapters and trim clips. 
  • Our window and door restoration and matching replacement service has taken off, finding us making some 1930's arched windows from oak and the repair of a leaded window light.
  • The design of an outdoor treatment room for a holistic therapist is now complete and some details of the timber work will be shared in the following weeks. 
  • We have several vans in for bespoke conversions, from tiny one person conversions through to a fully custom three berth T5 with some funky design touches.

With that little list we leave you but not before sharing a sneak peak of the work that goes into our no-squeak single piece floor for the back of a long wheel base T5.

1. First the interior was cleaned and degreased, given a couple of coats of primer. Then infill battens cut from 12mm exterior grade ply. These are bonded to the floor with coachbuilder grade flexible adhesive.

2. Then a layer of double foil thermal insulation is fitted and taped before being sealed at the edges.

T5 LWB Custom Camper Conversion one piece floor

3. The 12mm exterior grade ply floor is cut in one piece (barring two very small filler strips (this is to avoid damage during installation due to the slight angles of some of the T5 uprights).

4. The floor is then test laid and trimmed, before being edge screwed into the battens and bonded at the perimeter. We do this to make it easier for future removal if access is needed for repairs etc.

Custom campervan conversions new forest

We will be back soon with some more behind-the-scenes pictures.